Residential villas - Tajovského street in Bratislava

New buildings of freestanding family houses are located in the most gainful zone of the capital Bratislava, in the area of Slavín, Horský park and Kalvária. The individual residential villas have been designed with four floors: one underground floor, two elevated floors and the third highest receded floor.

Each house is oriented to the east-south-west, having the overview of the Horský park green. The street entry is from the north side. The privacy is guaranteed by the side yard between the houses, and the backyard from the south side with outdoor swimming pool. The real estates area amount from 810 m2 up to 868 m2. The object’s footprint area is 222 m2.

The total built-up area of family house “Villa DM, Villa Andrea, Villa Erika and Villa Terezia”, together with terraces and loggias is 791,81 m2, the built-up area of the family house “Villa Maria” is 701,85 m2.

Each of the family houses has been designed in the highest standard from material and technology point of view, having own indoor fitness and wellness background (dry sauna, Finnish bath, whirl-bath), with representative saloon rooms and private rooms for individual family members (each room having its own wardrobe and own hygienic backround), and of course with own garrage for two vehicles and the optional car parking in the yard.

At the same time, part of the house could be used as separated inependent workroom, or independent accommodation, respectively, e.g. for a governess, driver, cook, etc. The highest receded floor has been designed so as to form an independent apartment area, e.g. for grand parents or grown-up children. The first four family houses have equal dispositional design; the family house “villa Maria” has been designed differently from the rest.

There is also so-called “safety” accession to each family house from the next Gorazdova street.

Alternatively, by simple interior rearrangements, it is possible to modify the internal layout of each house to provide two independent units (e.g. two apartments, or a flat and office rooms), etc.




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Price: the cost of acquisition will be determined by an agreement

Villa DM, villa Andrea, villa Erika, villa Terézia



1st elevated floor /

1st undergoround floor

184,37 m2



2nd elevated floor /

1st undergoround floor

230,02 m2


3rd elevated floor /

2nd elevated floor

193,64 m2


4th elevated floor /

3rd elevated floor

183,78 m2

Villa Mária



1st elevated floor /

2nd undergoround floor

176,54 m2



2nd elevated floor /

1st undergoround floor

228,49 m2


3rd elevated floor /

1st elevated floor

189,75 m2


4th elevated floor /

2nd elevated floor

107,07 m2

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