Polyfunctional object “Bakalík House” - 4 Štetinova St. in Bratislava

Polyfunctional object is located in the historical municipal build-up area, in an attractive embassy and commerce zone, having direct access by motor vehicles, close to the traffic junctions of the public city transport. The object is luminous, built according to high standards of modern architectonic and technical solutions. The space of the basement and the ones of the three other floors are built up as open space office rooms. Two basement floors are reserved for private car parking and for technology rooms, archives, etc. The parking boxes are accessible from the street by car elevator, or from the rear wing of the object, respectively.

The entrance of the building is at the ground floor with representative entry hall. The administrative part at this floor has been designed as integrated area, designed functionally for an open space office room, or branch of a bank, exhibit and representation area. With regard to the direct access from the street, it is possible to adapt the basement space also as the “client workspace”.

The other rooms have been built in order to form one administrative unit on each floor, having own toilets (including showers), tea kitchens and independent technology rooms for structured network cabling. The size of office rooms has been designed to allow for maximum variability (the internal suspension system based on columns with the option to adapt the open space room to smaller individual office rooms according to the need of the lessee).

The work places are presumably oriented towards the windows, however from the aspect of the structured cabling and internal illumination, it is possible to move the work places also to the internal zone. The room for security guardians is at the entrance in the ground floor, featuring nonstop service, since we assume generally controlled access of the persons to the object. The security service performs the receptionist services, too.

The space is vertically connected by two-side staircase and personal elevator for eight persons, which ensures for barrier-less moving between individual floors. Part of the roof is used for terraces with possible arrangement of green. From the technical point of view, the administrative rooms (structured cabling) could be connected between the floors

The car parking boxes in the basement garages S-1 and S-2 are available. Due to the object disposition, the whole object can be let out to by individual floors with maximum 4 tenants. The office rooms are ready for lease according to individual requirements of the future renter.

Štetinova 4-CPO05
Štetinova 4-UPO
Štetinova 4-BPO

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Standard object equipment: air condition, optical data-link, possible set up modification, independent power consumption control, cavity floor, structured wiring of LAN and phone network, electronic safety and camera system, electronic fire alarm system, aluminium based doors and windows constructions, all glass frameless internal door from hardened glass, large scale lining and pavage, kitchens with inbuilt washer-up and refrigerator.

Price: Rental negotiated with future tenant in the range 11,00 - 15,00 €/m2/month + VAT. depending on the type of non-residential premises, size of the rent area and duration of tenancy. The prices for basement premises can be negotiated individually. There is no fee for use of the common rooms and terraces.

Services: In the range up to 3,50 - 4,50 €/m2/month + VAT depending on energy consumption.

Parking: 40 car parking boxes within the object and other 18 parking places in closed yard next to the object. Visitors can park cars using reserved parking boxes in the street straight in the front of the object. Price negotiated for the tenants at individual level according to the size of rent administrative area.









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Following area is available (with different possibility of spatial arrangement of the office rooms):

435,00 m2 on Ground Floor: high-area office room, small office, kitchen, 3 x WC, technology room, server room, janitor’s room


štetinova 4-PVV_thumb

Štetinova 4-PPCK_thumb

533,00 m2 on the First Floor: office area, corridor, kitchen, 2 x WC, shower, technology room, server room, janitor’s room


Stetinova 4-1.PCK_thumb

Štetinova 4-1.PSZ_thumb

412,00 m2 on the Second Floor: office area, corridor, kitchen, 2 x WC, shower, technology room, server room, janitor’s room




234,00 m2 on the Third Floor: office area, corridor, kitchen, 2 x WC, technology room, server room, janitor’s room


Štetinova 4-3.PCK_thumb

Štetinova 4-3.PDK_thumb

55,00 m2 Elevated Basement: office area, corridor, kitchen, WC + sprcha



Basement: stock rooms, machinery, boiler-rooms, parking area, car elevator, emergency exit stairway


Štetinova 4-GA1_thumb

Štetinova 4-GA2_thumb

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